Born at 40. Born too late?

This is me. Male, white, british and live in middle ‘class’ England. I’m pretty much Mr Average.

In late 2012, having lost both parents I became an orphan. In its truest term, I was alone. My identity changed on the day I said goodbye to my Mother and whilst what I was moving into wasn’t a period of ‘witness protection’; it has become a time of mental crystallisation.

I’ve always dreamed about having time to share my thoughts and observations on the frailty of our society and the how the sylphlike sinews of our infrastructures are being tested by a burgeoning and rapidly changing population.

Now is the time to make time.

With a commitment to share innermost thoughts which I hope will be part of an identification of my true identity,  it’s one of the largest scale projects of its type! What I can guarantee is that outputs will offer catharsis for me, but will help many others in the years ahead.

Born at 40? Yes.

Born too late? TBC!

See you soon!


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