The South West / South East Dichotomy – and how it’s reported?

There’s some interesting stuff going on at the moment, which touches many of us and ultimately plays a part in how we get our voices heard. (or how we can get our 15 minutes of fame)!

First, parts of the South West of England have moved much closer to the sea since Christmas, with little Environment Agency or Coalition action. Even the media has been a little disinterested, with only local or regional reporters getting their waders wet and sneaking onto the national TV bulletins. Even with rolling 24 x 7 news, the Somerset Levels were a forgotten, unpopulated land. I recall a ‘throw away’ comment being made by the usually eloquent Nicky Campbell on the BBC 5Live Breakfast show in early January, stating that the floods in Somerset provide “reporters their first airing on national TV” and that bad weather was “natures agent”. Nice.

But now a National Emergency is sanctioned because the ‘wealthy’, Tory voters in parts of Surrey and Berkshire risk getting their ‘Chelsea Tractors’wet! This may sound parochial, small minded and positively ‘socialist’ – who knows I may even start to take a liking to Sir Bob Crowe (sic) (!), but I do find it interesting that once the South East becomes wet, the world and his wife is thrown at the problem.

As someone with a healthy grasp on economics and commerce, I absolutely understand the importance of the South East to the national economy. In my opinion, the region is becoming outrageously dominant in the UK and threatens the equilibrium of the nation in the long term, but in the short term we need to keep them dry / get them dry and protect this precious population.

Of course, I am overstating for effect. Not all the South East is wealthy (or indeed Tory), but I will be counting the media minutes of coverage across all broadcasters over the next few days versus what we saw relating to the South West in the early days of 2014.

Talking of media minutes….

If you fancy having your say on flooding or any other mainstream topic on national radio, the teams at BBC 5live are in for a challenge this week!

LBC 97.3 (The London talk radio station) is going national via DAB. There’s some talented presenters on this station, who are not (usually) required to follow the line of the Editorial Management. Who knows if this will change on a national platform, but for now it’s worth retuning your DAB radio to listen to its offer.

Whilst I’m a self confessed fan of talk radio across most Continents, BBC 5Live has stretched my loyalty as a listener due to its incessant droning on about football and other mind-numbing topics. Its also started to become inwardly focused, repeating itself just as ‘TV-AM’ and other breakfast broadcasters did in the 1980’s. The emergence of a national talk platform without ‘who’s scoring against who’ or ‘ball by ball commentary’ of the Womens’ Cricket Tour in Australia will be a definite challenge – maybe it’d be a real fight if DAB was omnipresent across all regions in the UK?

I know these views will antagonise those football fanatics, golfing nuts and cricketing gentlemen, but you have got your own network (5live sports extra as a reminder)! if you need your fix!ImageImage

In the meantime, I recommend a change or at least I recommend giving LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) a chance!


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"Life is the name of the game, and I want to play the game with you" as Bruce Forsyth used to sing at the top of 'The Generation Game'. This blog is all about observational, irreverent but sometimes deeply emotional musings of everyday life from my perspective.
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