Tales from the Barista’s steam wand…

After a week of serving coffee, tea and handmade cakes in our new business in Painswick, I’m already learning much more about myself!

  1. Dexterity – I’ve got some!
  2. Multi-task-ability – I can just about do it!
  3. Dishwash hands – I get what Nanette Newman was talking about in the 70’s commercial!
  4. I have feet – I can feel every part of them in great detail each night!
  5. I love cake. Full-stop.

In addition to these world-changing discoveries, it’s apparent that I’ve regained some lost mojo, exacerbated by a period of grief and change that I could have taken more control of and handled better.

The swoosh of the steam wand, the tempting aroma of arabica and the interaction with a wide and interesting array of customers really does help with my personal mantra of “learning something new every day”. It’s also given my confidence a much needed jolt in a short period of time and has brought to life many of my tried and trusted self-coaching theories.

So enough about me as The Barista (for now anyway!). I’d love to hear your ‘tales behind the counter’ and feel free to send them to me. I’ll promise not to repeat any of them, unless you want me to bring them into a montage…

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend, wherever you are.




About The very mobile mentor...

"Life is the name of the game, and I want to play the game with you" as Bruce Forsyth used to sing at the top of 'The Generation Game'. This blog is all about observational, irreverent but sometimes deeply emotional musings of everyday life from my perspective.
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