As Google cleans up for spring, how can we do the same?


This morning I read that google has had a spring clean and removed some of it’s products which “have a loyal following, but reduced usage”. Thats a great way to phrase something that’s become moribund and is about to be superannuated to the great retirement home in the ether!

As ever, I face a day ‘cleaning up’. Starting a new business, dealing with solicitors and the tax office and digging through my late parents heirlooms are all challenging things to do, but essential for catharsis and the ‘processing’ of personal grief.

So, I’ve moved into automaton phase to ensure the items on my ‘to do’ lists are purged and to ensure that, before the better weather arrives, I have a clearer mind and can handle the challenges that this year will no doubt bring.

I’m lucky that I’ve understood how to compartmentalise, prioritise and make some sort of plan for the future. I realise that my plan is currently written on rice paper and sits on some geo-tectonic fault, but at least its written down.

That’s exactly what google have done and what, simplistically, we all need to do in our wider lives, whether times are good (a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning) or if they’re not so good, this will take some effort and support.

As someone who’s passionate about coaching, I would say this wouldn’t I, but have a think about google and it’s spring cleaning.

Think about what ‘apps’ you’d delete in your life if you had the chance! Think about how you’d free up more ‘space’, rather than ‘buying’ more and consider what parts of your psyche need ‘cataloguing’ so you can find those files when you need them…

Have a great Thursday, wherever you are.


PS – If you’re in the southern hemisphere, do you have autumn cleaning?


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"Life is the name of the game, and I want to play the game with you" as Bruce Forsyth used to sing at the top of 'The Generation Game'. This blog is all about observational, irreverent but sometimes deeply emotional musings of everyday life from my perspective.
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One Response to As Google cleans up for spring, how can we do the same?

  1. This is a great reflection to take on our lives from time to time–what do we want to keep and what can we let go of. This applies to materials things as well as relationships, commitments and hobbies. I know I often struggle with accepting that things and people change and what was a good fit for my life years ago may no longer have a place. By letting something go, I’m freeing up space to accept something new!

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